About Mike

I did my undergraduate work at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  I majored in psychology and also minored in criminal justice.  I developed a deep passion for psychology after taking an into course my freshman year.  Throughout the next several years, I took many different psychology classes and developed a wide range of interests within the field.  My junior year however, I took a health psychology class and immediately knew I wanted to become a health psychologist. I found the mind-body connection fascinating, and my interest continues to grow as I delve more into the literature.  My primary research interests consist of three main areas. First, I am interested in the social influences on sleep.  This relationship is complex and not yet well understood.  Specifically, I am interested the bidirectional influences of marital interactions and sleep, especially during the postpartum period.  Second, I am involved in a number of projects involving sleep hygiene.  In other words, what is the cyclical nature between our daytime behaviors and nighttime sleep?  Lastly, I am interested in the relationships between sleep, diet, and physical activity.

If you would like to learn a little more about myself and my research, please feel free to click on the links below for my website and Twitter account.

Website: NDSU SLEEP Lab

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMead_NDSU


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